Footpaths and Streams Project

An excellent example of how natural resources can be managed to support wildlife can be seen in the Botesdale and Rickinghall Streams Project, initiated and managed by parish councillor Chris Lambert. Streams and their banks are important habitats for both plants and animals, providing food and shelteras well as 'corridors' that allow wildlife to move between gragmented habitats. In Botesdale the streams provide a home for rare British species such as Water Voles as well as charismatic newcomers such as the Little Egret. In addition, they enhance the landscape and help to reduce flooding. But a stream's value depends on how it is managed and especially, the extent to which natural features are preserved, and the Botedale Streams Project seeks to conserve the natural features of local streams in order to enhance biodiversity while maintaining their contribution to the local landscape and to flood control. Claire Appleby

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