Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator: Peter Beck (01379 890 495)
Neighbourhood Watch is a group of concerned neighbours who combine together with the aim of reducing crime in their immediate area. It involves neighbours getting to know each other and working together in an atmosphere of mutual assistance.

It is all about local people being the eyes and ears of the police and passing information on to them about any suspicious or unsocial activity. In return the police notify Neighbourhood Watch of recent crimes and other matters of local or general interest.

In order to pass information quickly, with regard to recent crime and suspicious incidents, notices are placed in the following locations:
Simonds Garage                                 The Blue Orchid Chinese Take Away
The Botesdale Fish & Chip Shop        The Botesdale Post Office
The Country Garden Village Store      The Hair Place Salon
The Health Centre                               The Newsagent
Co-op Supermarket

Botesdale is divided into 12 sectors, each with its own deputy co-ordinator. The overall co-ordinator for Botesdale is Mr Peter Beck. If a crime is committed a deputy co-ordinator will visit the aggrieved person(s) and offer advice with regard to security and any other relevant matter. If a serious crime message is received, such as one involving personal injury, this will be given immediate attention and the deputy co-ordinator will notify as many residents as possible in his/her sector.

Village Neighbourhood Watch meetings are held twice a year and these enable local members to discuss recent crimes and other matters that adversely affect members of the community.

Scams and Frauds: For an excellent booklet produced by one of the Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators, Robert Blunden, click here.