Progress to Date

This flowchart outlines the stages of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan.

This is our timetable for completing the Plan.

Stage 2. Preparing a draft NP

The Steering Group and members of the Neighbourhood Forum have started gathering evidence for the draft Plan. The Household, Housing Needs, Youth and Business Surveys have largely been completed and are currently being analysed. A Landscape Appraisal, a Heritage Character Assessment and a "People and Population" Review are all under way.

Household Survey / Housing Needs Survey

Youth Survey

Business Survey

Stage 1. Area Designation Consultation

The Area Designation Application defines the boundary of the Botesdale and Rickinghall Neighbourhood Plan area. The application included supporting statements and a map. A notice was published by Mid Suffolk District Council and they created a web-page for the B&R Neighbourhood Plan, which you can find here. They wrote to their statutory consultees to notify them of the consultation; the list includes the relevant Suffolk CC and Mid Suffolk DC Elected Members, and the adjacent parish councils. Following the six-week consultation period, Mid Suffolk District Council then confirmed the designated NP Area under the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended).

Designated Area Map: The plan area follows the administrative boundaries of the three parishes. From left to right you will see Rickinghall Inferior, Rickinghall Superior and Botesdale parishes divided by a blue line with the whole of the area outlined in green.

Area Designation Notice

Schedule of Responses to Area Consultation

Steering Group Minutes: